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UNDERSTANDING THE MOUNTAIN MARKET Not all real estate markets are created equal and Aspen is extreme real estate terrain at its finest. With decades of experience navigating Aspen/Snowmass real estate, The Weber Boxer Group is able to give its clients the confidence to make smart moves in any conditions. With a combination of old-fashion number crunching and savvy real estate instincts, we can source hidden opportunities and deliver results.

FROM OFFER TO ACCEPTANCE No matter how choice the opportunity, in the end it all comes down to negotiating the right deal for our clients. The Weber Boxer Group takes client advocacy to the next level by weaving its boots-on-the-ground local knowledge with your goals and vision, ultimately achieving extraordinary outcomes for its clients.

WHILE YOU’RE UNDER CONTRACT In many ways, the work really begins once you’re under contract. Once there, we work tirelessly with a team of hand-picked inspectors to gain a deep understanding of the property condition. With that knowledge, we assess and develop a strategy to make sure our clients are getting exactly what they paid for.

CLOSING AND LIVING THE DREAM The Weber Boxer Group never takes its hands off the wheel. From overseeing the closing to ensuring a smooth transition into your new home, we are your Aspen real estate concierge. Once you’re in, buckle up — because then we’re headed for some hands-off-the-wheels recreating in our incomparable mountain paradise.


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